Today in the city Bethel 18.06.2018
Three decades on, Greece, Macedonia sign pact to change ex-Yugoslav republic's name

PRESPES, Greece/ BITOLA, Macedonia (Reuters) - Greece and Macedonia defied protests and set aside three decades of dispute on Sunday as they agreed on a new name for the Balkan state, potentially pavi...

For Women In Papua New Guinea, Income From Selling Betel Nut Can Come At Heavy Price

Selling betel nut is a popular way for women to earn income. But their husbands sometimes beat them or force them to hand over their earnings.

Bourdain And Batali And The Perils Of Having It All

Bourdain and Batali approach the perils of fame and fortune in different ways. Let's learn from the better things they shared with us.

Marvin Bagley III Will Reportedly Sign Biggest Rookie Shoe Deal in Over a Decade With Puma

Puma will reportedly make a huge splash in the NBA landscape and sign Marvin Bagley III to the largest rookie shoe deal since Kevin Durant’s contract with Nike in 2007.

The race to save Arctic cities

In Russia, buildings are sagging and crumbling. In Greenland, a wildfire broke out last year. And in Alaska, entire villages may be relocated because the land upon which they're built is no longer tru...

The Betel Nut Sellers Of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is home to one of the world's highest incidence of gender-based violence. Young, low-income women who work at night selling betel nuts are among the most vulnerable.

'Serial crotch grazer': Mario Batali accused by 7 more women of sexual misconduct

Several more women have come forward to Eater with accusations against disgraced celebrity chef Mario Batali, many of whom were former fans.

Mario Batali's Las Vegas restaurants to close amid sexual assault allegations

Claims that Batali drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in 2005 are being investigated. He is also alleged to have drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in 2004Three of Mario Batali’s Las Vegas Str...

Mario Batali’s Three Las Vegas Restaurants to Close Following Harassment Allegations

In the wake of sexual harassment allegations against Mario Batali, three of the celebrity chef’s restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip will close their doors this summer. According to the Associate...

Mario Batali's three Las Vegas restaurants are closing in light of sexual misconduct allegations

Mario Batali’s three restaurants in Las Vegas will close July 27, a decision that comes as the New York Police Department conducts an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct levied against...

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